• Where are you located?
    We are located at 4223 W Irving Park Road (approximately 3 blocks west of Pulaski Street).
    Easily accessible from the IL 90/94 Expressway (Irving Park Road Exit).
    The Irving Park Road Blue Line Station
    The Harvard/Chicago Metra Station
    Next to the Golden Nugget Pancake House and across the street from Midas Muffler


  • What are your business hours?
    Monday-Friday: 9:00 am - 4:00 pm
    Saturday and Sunday: CLOSED
  • Do you have any of these items in stock?
    We do usually carry many items in stock, however most vestments must be custom made to order. Our usual shipping time for most garments runs between 4-8 weeks for delivery. Although if an item is needed for a specific date we can normally accommodate.
  • Do you have a copy of my last order or my last measurements?
    We normally keep a copy of your order on file for about 7 years.
    Cassock measurements are kept a bit longer, However, we recommend you verify any measurements over 5 years old.
  • I ordered a vestment a few years ago. If I order an identical vestment will they match?
    The Dye Lot of your order may have changed after a few years and we would need to verify that any additional pieces ordered will match your previous vestments. 


  • What is the difference between a Vatican Style Alb and a Scapular Style Alb?
  • Can I get a pictured alb w/ a different style collar
  • Can I get a pictured alb w/ a different style lace or galloon